AC Laptop Power Adapter Supply for IBM Lenovo Thinkpad X61 T61 R61 $18.42 $17.99
12V 10W USB Stereo Cassette Capture Cassette To MP3 Transducer $39.99 $29.99

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$19.80 $15.99


Input: 100-240V ~1.6-0.8A, 50/60Hz
Output: 19V~3.15A, 60W
Tip Diameter: 3.0 x 5.5 mm/ 0.14 x 0.22 in (Inner Dia. x Outside Dia.)
Color: Black
Note: Please make sure the DC output and tip size of ac adapter
are accordant before you bid.
Condition: Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts,
Convenience and easy to use for your laptop computers.
Over voltage protection, over heat protection

Compatible with:
Samsung Sens 630
Samsung Sens 820
Samsung Sens Pro 680
Samsung Sens Pro 850
Samsung MetroBook
Samsung MetroBook LT
Samsung MetroBook VL
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX series
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort Gx
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX2
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort GX3
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort LT
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort VX
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort XT
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort XT2
MPC (formerly MicronPC) TransPort ZX
Samsung Aquila X05 Series
Samsung Aquila X10 Series
Samsung Corona P30 Series
Samsung GT8000
Samsung 8100
Samsung GT8600
Samsung GT8600XT
Samsung GT8650
Samsung GT8650XT
Samsung GT8700
Samsung GT8700XT
Samsung GT8750
Samsung GT8750XT
Samsung GT8750XV
Samsung GT8800
Samsung GT8800XT
Samsung GT8800XV
Samsung GT8850
Samsung GT8850XT
Samsung GT8850XTD
Samsung GT8900
Samsung GT8900DXV
Samsung GT8900XTR
Samsung GT9000
Samsung GT9000 PRO
Samsung GT6330
Samsung GT6330XT
Samsung GT6360
Samsung GT6360XT
Samsung GT6400
Samsung GT6400XV
Samsung GT7000
Samsung GT7700
Samsung GT8910
Samsung GT8910KXV
Samsung P30
Samsung SN6000
Samsung VM8100XTD
Samsung VM8095
Samsung V8095CX
Samsung VM7600
Samsung VM7600CT
Samsung VM7700
Samsung VM7700XTD
Samsung VM8110CXTD
Samsung VM8110XTC
Samsung VM6000
Samsung VM6300
Samsung VM6300CT
Samsung VM7000
Samsung VM7550
Samsung VM7550CT
Samsung VM7650
Samsung VM7650CT
Samsung VM7650CXTD
Samsung VM8000
Samsung VM8080
Samsung VM8080CXT
Samsung VM8090
Samsung VM8090CT
Samsung VM8090CXTD
Samsung VM8100
Samsung VM8100CX
Samsung VM8100CXTD
Samsung X05
Samsung X10
Samsung X15
Samsung X20
Samsung X30
Samsung GS6000
Samsung GT6000
Samsung VM6000
Samsung GT7000
Samsung VM7000
Samsung GT8000
Samsung VM8000
Samsung CM7000 series
Samsung P28 series
Samsung P30 series
Samsung P35 series
Samsung M40 series SPA-X19/E
Samsung M40 series SPA-X19
Samsung Q35
Samsung Q40
Samsung Q45
Samsung Q1
Samsung Q30
Samsung NP-Q1
Samsung NP-Q35
Samsung NP-Q40
Samsung NP-Q45
Samsung RV515-A01 RV520-W01

Package include:
1 x AC Power Supply Adapter

Weight 0.172 kg


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